River Beult

Fishing on River Beult

On this page we give some pointers on how, when and where to catch the fish. Much depends on the time of the year, weather, equipment being used and finally and perhaps most importantly, your own ability. Much of the information given has been gleaned from the Bailiffs, who themselves regularly fish the various venues.

The River Beult at Hunton holds large pike and tench plus roach and chub. This venue is best suited for Anglers seeking solitude and quietness.

For the protection of our waters against poaching, we have not identified precisely each venues location.

Parking: see Rule book.

Best time of day varies with the weather conditions. There is usually a dead patch in the early afternoon for an hour or so. Having said that, fish are caught throughout the day & night. Dusk / dawn appear best. Hot bright summer days worst.

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River Beult angling
River Beult fish
River Beult fishing

Species Method(s) Comments
Bleak, Rudd, Roach,
Perch, Chub, Pike,
Bream, Tench & Carp -
Common; Mirror
Ledger & Float Tench - boillies (mini to 14);
sweetcorn, maggot, bread & worm.
In the Summer use 10-12lb main
line as they head for lily pads.
6 to 8lb on the bottom.
Carp- Boillies (mini to 14); sweetcorn,
luncheon meat. floating bread.
In the Summer use 10-12lb main line as
they head for lily pads. 6 to 8lb on the bottom.
Ledger & Float Bream - sweetcorn, maggot caster & worm
and combinations of these.
Ledger & Float
Roach - sweetcorn, maggot caster, hemp & bread.
Rudd - sweetcorn, maggot caster, hemp & bread.
Bleak - sweetcorn, maggot caster, hemp & bread.
Ledger & Float Perch - maggot & worm.
Float Chub - luncheon meat, maggot & bread. A few mainly
taken from low numbered swims downstream
of bridge in the Autumn & Winter months.
Float Pike - ledgered & wobbled deadbaits; lures

River Beult fishing bate
River Beult fishing lake Kent
River Beult fishing lakes Kent

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