Fishing Dingle Dell

Fishing Dingle Dell

On this page we give some pointers on how, when and where to catch the fish. Much depends on the time of the year, weather, equipment being used and finally and perhaps most importantly, your own ability. Much of the information given has been gleaned from the Bailiffs, who themselves regularly fish the various venues. For the protection of our waters against poaching, we have not identified precisely each venues location.

The lake at Dingle Dell fishery holds carp to 20 lb + and lots of common and mirror carp between 1 lb and 10 lb as well as crucian carp and good roach. Again, an ideal venue for younger members who want to catch lots of fish.

Parking: see Rule book.

Fishes well all year round, huge bags of medium sized Carp with the odd larger one responding to baits fished under the bank, or to floating baits. When the Carp are being difficult, the Roach take over.

Mike H
Dingle Dale Fishing Lake

Species Method(s) Comments
Roach, Carp, Crucian Carp,
fantail Goldfish, Crucian/Goldfish Crosses.
Ledger & Float, floating crust Use boilies (mini to 14); biscuits, pellet, sweetcorn, maggot, bread, prawn, cockles & worm. Larger fish found close to the bankside or taking floating baits. Fishes well all year round.
River Dingle Dell fishing bate
River Dingle Dell fishing lake Kent
River Dingle Dell fishing lakes Kent

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