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    Our 8 Venues Cover
    8 Lakes, 4 Rivers and 2 Ponds
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    All Venues within
    North Kent and East Sussex
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    Some of our venues cater
    for limited wheel chair access

Established 1948 - Seventy Seventh Season

Bromley (Kent) & District Angling Society

Welcome to our web pages. We have been established since the late 1940's at Sevenoaks and have over the subsequent years increased our venues to 8. A majority of our members are purely Pleasure Anglers and it is principally they, who are catered for in the Club.

The waiting list is open, but please be aware our waiting list is approximately 5 years presently.
We look forward to welcoming you to our club!

About BDAS

  • • Our 8 venues cover 8 lakes, 4 rivers and 2 ponds.
  • • These are all within 25-45mins travel by car, at most.
  • • Our biggest venue (complex) is at Sevenoaks.
  • • Our other venues are slightly further south and south east, around Edenbridge and across to Tunbridge Wells.
  • • Most of our members are Pleasure Anglers, but with our large expanse of waters and rivers available, we can comfortably cater for all branches of Coarse fishing.
  • • We currently have a waiting list of people wishing to enter the club.
  • • Some of our venues cater for limited wheel chair access.

Fishing match fixtures Kent

Match Fixtures

Unless otherwise stated, all members can take part in the Match Competitions and all are welcome! NEW people to Match Angling - simply turn up on the day, prior to the draw time.

fishing membership Kent


Members fee's are due on or by the 1st April each year for existing members. Please note, renewal forms will be posted out to each member in March. The waiting list is open, but please be aware our waiting list is approximately 5 years presently.

BDAS Clothing Store Kent

BDAS Clothing Store

The BDAS clothing store has items for sale with the clubs logo and name on them.

* Please allow 7 days for Guest tickets. Guest tickets are subject to availability and charged at £10 per ticket.

    Drop us a line ...

BDAS News & Updates

Covid 19 Basics

  • • Social distancing requires a minimum of 2meters, the more distance the better.
    We exhale microscopic droplets containing the virus, whilst talking. These can ‘hang’ in the air for up to an hour.
  • • The Covid 19 virus can remain on surfaces for up to three days, just because you haven’t seen anyone does not mean you cannot contract Covid 19. Try and avoid sharing tackle, for example if your friend helps to net a fish thoroughly clean the net before touching it again.
  • • Just because a person is not showing symptoms does not mean they are not infected, we can carry the virus for several weeks before symptoms show – a good example is ‘it’s ok he’s a good friend and I know he hasn’t got it’ whilst this is true you do not know if the person he was next to in the shop yesterday was infected?
  • • Disposable gloves do not prevent infection unless used correctly, they are simply a barrier between your hands and surfaces – if you wear gloves to open a gate and then get back into your car any contamination is now passed to the door handle / steering wheel etc and can remain there for several days. It is much better to wash your hands or use the correct sanitizer after touching any potentially contaminated surface.
  • • The correct use of an appropriate well fitting facemask can help prevent the spread of Covid 19 but it is currently only recommended to wear one in high risk situations – and remember to wash your hands before touching the mask, otherwise you risk contaminating the mask by touching it!
  • • Anyone deliberately breaking the Covid 19 / social distancing rules will be asked to leave the venue immediately.
  • • We advise all members to fully read and familiarise themselves with all current guidelines and legislation concerning social distancing from the Government via www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Our Venues