Lake near West Peckham

On this page we give some pointers on how, when and where to catch the fish. Much depends on the time of the year, weather, equipment being used and finally and perhaps most importantly, your own ability. Much of the information given has been gleaned from the Bailiffs, who themselves regularly fish the various venues.

For the protection of our waters against poaching, we have not identified precisley each venues location.

Landing the first fish of the day
Species Method(s) Baits Tackle Comment
Carp Float or ledger, floating crust Boillies, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, bread, dog biscuits & maggots. watch out for tackle snags, otherwise use 6Lb line. In the summer use floaters. In the winter use any of the other baits. This is an 'easy' water at any time of the day or year.
Rudd Float Maggots or sweetcorn. In open swims use light tackle.

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