River Darenth & associated Lakes

On this page we give some pointers on how, when and where to catch the fish. Much depends on the time of the year, weather, equipment being used and finally and perhaps most importantly, your own ability. Much of the information given has been gleaned from the Bailiffs, who themselves regularly fish the various venues.

For the protection of our waters against poaching, we have not identified precisely each venues location.

I have given descriptions to some pictures ............place cursor over the picture.

Pike Rare but Beautiful Tench

This complex of waters contain 4 lakes and a river running through the middle. The largest will be termed No1, the 2nd and 3rd lakes are each smaller in size and the smallest but long lake will be No 4. - R Coltman

Number 1 Lake

No 1 lake Lake 1

Species Method(s) Location Comment



Block feeder with maggots

Ledger, Block feeder with fishmeal boilies

Ledger with fish meal boilies

Float or ledger - sea dead baits.
Spit, high bank or peat beds

Fish the clear spots in the weed

You do not have to fish too far out for the hot spots.

Spit and high bank.

Late evening.

For 'big bags', it is best to pre bait the swim.

Use heavy tackle near the weed.

Use heavy tackle and trace. October is a good time.

Number 2 Lake

C Hart - taken in October 2007 C Hart - taken in October 2007 Lake 2 No 2 Lake - Mike S. with a 5lb 10oz Tench
Species Method(s) Comment


Ledger use boilies.

Ledger with & boilies.

Float with maggots
For 'snaggy' swims use heavy tackle. Particle can work on some days, but it is best to pre bait lightly.

Night time is best especially just after dusk

If you find shoals of fry, you'll find the Perch will arrive soon after.

Number 3 Lake

Lake 3
Species Method(s) Comment

Ledger use boilies.

Ledge with sweetcorn
Use heavy tackle in weed. The night time is best.

Use heavy tackle in weed. Rake the swim the day before and pre bait.

Number 4 Lake

No 4 lake - a beautiful Mirror
Species Method(s) Comment


Ledger with fruit boilies

Ledger Tutti fruiti boilies

Float & ledger with maggots & sweetcorn.
Heavy tackle near weed. These fish also respond to hemp.

Heavy tackle near weed. Night time is best.

For best results and bigger fish it is best to rake the swim the day before. Best time is early morning. Small fish can be had all day.


Species Method(s) Comment


Float with maggots & bread

Float & ledger with maggot, bread & worms

Lure - dead bait
Trot into the various deep pools and BE QUIET !

Watch out for snags and again BE QUIET !

The Pike tend to come from the lakes and are on the smaller size in the river.

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